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  1. Can we eat snacks when on diet?
    Snacking is referred to eating in small portions in regular intervals generally when we need a quick bite or something we in between our meals. As far as diet is concerned Snacking can be definitely done while dieting as long as we are not eating junk or snacks with too much calories. For people following a particular diet or those who are in their weight loss journey can munch on healthier alternatives like Poha Snacks, Roasted Chana, Roasted Makhana, Multigrain Mixtures, Puffed Rice etc. A range of healthy and flavourful snacks can be found on our shop page which satisfies your tastebuds without killing your diet plans.

  2. Is Roasted Wheat Gluten-Free?
    No, Wheat is not naturally gluten free. Gluten is a protein mainly found in wheat, rye & barley. It acts as a binder which holds food together. For people browsing gluten-free options can go for rice, millets, chana, peanuts etc. Our website holds a variety of gluten free snacks which can be found on our shop page.

  3. Which Indian Snacks are healthy?
    India is a nation of flavours and recipes. It is quite difficult to find snacking options in India which have both, the desi touch and conscious ability. While mainly fried ingredients and bold spices dominate the snacking industry in India, still there are some exceptional foods and grains which can be formulated into a healthy snack. Few examples are rice puffs, poha chivda, makhana, roasted chana, roasted peanuts etc. We have a wide variety of snacks made with these healthier alternatives which are light on stomach but sticked to the Indian roots.

  4. Which Snacks are good for weight loss?
    While most people think that snacks are enemy for weight loss, it can actually help in the journey as eating small portions in small intervals minimises food cravings and keeps the calorie count in control. Choosing roasted and diet mixtures over traditional snacks such as bhujia and Potato Chips is always a good idea. A wide variety of mixtures are available such as Roasted Poha Chana, Roasted Multigrain & Flakes, Roasted Makhana chivda which are low in calories and rich in nutrient, hence making weight loss easier and flavourful.

  5. What are benefits of Roasted Wheat Puff?
    Roasted Wheat Puff is generally a made from puffing of wheat grains. As it is not fried and made from heating of wheat grains in pressure it is definitely free from oil making it a healthier alternative against fried snacks. Also. It is known as a wonder grain because of having some wonderful benefits such as low in calorie, high in Iron, rich in magnesium among with high protein & fibre content. It is also very easy to digest and cures constipation.