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Achari Khakhra Chips (Pack of 5)


Net Weight: 24 g x 5


Developed from thick layer of Wheat, hand roasted for perfect Crispiness

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I think you will agree with us when we mention that it is now the time to think on our munching choices and move to something that adds to our gut and not cholesterol.  And you can thank us later, but we are here to help you in the same without even making a compromise to your tongue.

Why choose potato chips when all they give you is calories from potatoes and cholesterol from Oil they are fried in? Switch to our Khakhra chips, made in the heart of Gujarat which 100% whole wheat and hand roasted for a perfect crisp.  Our Khakhra chips contains the goodness of whole wheat and 2x times lighter than regular potato chips. If you still wondering why they are better, some of the benefits are :-

  1. Controls diabetes
  2. Includes dietary fiber
  3. Good for digestion
  4. Contains essential Vitamins
  5. Helps reduce cholesterol.

Made in the heart of Gujarat, khakhra chips are made from whole wheat and are a good source of protein & fiber, also low in sodium & fat. Ideal snack for any occasion. Our khakhra chips are developed from a thick layer of wheat and hand roasted for perfect crispiness & flavour.