Wheat Puff Mix (Pack of 5)


Net Weight: 24 g x 5

Finest of Wheat Grains, roasted & popped into Puffs and mixed with other ingredients.

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I think you will agree with us when we mention that it is now the time to think on our munching choices and move to something that adds to our gut and not cholesterol.  And you can thank us later, but we are here to help you in the same without even making a compromise to your tongue.

Wheat puff Mix is a diet mixture made with mostly puffed wheat grains with 0% oil , which are then mixed with peanuts, murmura, sev to give a traditional taste of namkeen with a pinch of sweet & spicy flavour. This mixture is as light as a feather and an absolute treat for the tastebuds. Also it is made from our everyday grain, puffed wheat which is popular for its benefits like :-

  1. Very low in calories
  2. Ideal for obese people
  3. Rich in manganese
  4. Contains B3 & Phosphorus
  5. Improves metabolism

This is a real diet mixture made from the most commonly found grain (Wheat), yet so uniquely mixed with other powerful, healthy & light ingredients like peanuts, murmura etc and infused with select spices for a sweet & spicy infusion of flavours bursting in your mouth.


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