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About Us


Let's switch to healthy snacking

ROASTUM, Healthy aur taste me yum ! Estd. 2020, has been initiated with a google search of ‘Indian Healthy Snacks’ and not being available with feasible options which are tasty too. We understand how difficult it is to combine health and taste when it comes to snacking. We bring you a package of mouth-watering healthy & guilt free snacks which are made from grains, perfectly fit for your all time munching or to replace your unhealthy party snacks & evening snacks with healthy snacks evening so you don’t have to compromise on your taste and healthy lifestyle.

With ROASTUM SELECT, we have carefully picked from a range of healthy & guilt free snacks which being guilt free adds value to your daily diet, so that next time you aren’t scared when you are on a weighing scale. Pick from a variety of ROAST MAKHANA, ROASTED WHEAT PUFF, CHANA POHA, ROASTED POHA, OAT CHIPSTIX, RAGI STICKS, ROASTED POHA CHANA, ROASTED MAKHANA CHIVDA and DIET JHALMURI. Each product has a benefit of at least 1 super grain and you get a reusable jar.

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Still struggling finding healthy & guilt free snacks which satisfy both your taste buds & your gut ? Well, We got the supplies !
ROASTUM BABU is here with his range of Grain Based healthy & guilt free snacks which are made from nutriful grains like Jowar & Wheat which don’t hurt your body while satisfying your soul.

About Roastum

Roastum – Indian Healthy Snacks is a home grown brand sparked with the idea of snacking without a hit of guilt trip & the stereotype of healthy things not being yummy!

For the average working & even non-working Indian, there isn’t only breakfast, lunch & dinner. We are very well aware with a term that is called as ‘Choti Bhookh’ or we can also say ‘Casual Muching’.

More than 90 % of this munching has been unhealthy & full of guilt because of the choices that we had for this small hunger were limited and mostly unhealthy like potato chips, fried namkeens etc. which are no doubt tasty but affects our health terribly and also makes us lazy. Another reason for the choice of these unhealthy snacking options is the inability to find something that is tasty but is also healthy and it is fair because there are very limited options.

But what if we tell you that we have done all the homework on your behalf and finally curated something that you can munch along all the time without taking in the guilt and disappointing the tastebuds.


ROASTUM is initiated with the idea of snacking that is ready to eat, is made of healthy ingredients but with the magic of selected Indian masala which our tastebuds are already aware of. So no new risky surprises for your mouth and a lot of healthy surprises for your gut.

Each product from the house of ROASTUM is picked out on the basis of the strength of its ingredients which are then swirled in different flavors ending up with us having a healthy & tasty snack! Some of our powerful ingredients also referred as Super grains include – Roast Makhana, Roasted Wheat Puff,  Chana Poha, Oats Chvda, Jhalmuri,  Ragi Sticks etc. Each of these ingredients have loads of benefits in them and you will not let guilt come between you and your snack.

You can have our products anywhere and any time of the day, be it a healthy snacks evening or a between a quick break from work. Our products come in Jars which are re-usable and re-sealable so you always get your snack in its most fresh form. For maintaining the taste and quality of our products, O2 absorbers are also put in the jar which deoxidizes the jar from within and product remains fresh and in its original form.

All our products are specifically selected for all our Indian Healthy Snacks needs and what our body also needs i.e., nutrition. In future also, we project our vision towards curating unique delicacies and lip-smacking flavors to maintain the perfect blend between health & taste which we want us to become the original story of our brand.

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Just a healthy dose of frequently asked questions for you

Roastum is our homegrown brand, initiated with the idea of healthy and tasty snacking along with affordability. We, at Roastum understand the need of the hour by promoting a healthy lifestyle choice without compromising on taste-buds.

Our products are entirely made out of field grown grains and no synthetic ingredients. Our each product contains benefits of at least 1 super grain like Jowar, Wheat, Ragi, Oats etc.

Every product at Roastum not only promises you taste but a pack full of healthy grain benefits which are also affordable to be your everyday snack pick.

It’s always good to start early and it’s never too late to start. So, anyone can shift to guilt free snacking with Roastum.

All our products maintain a 6 month best before value from the date of manufacturing.