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ROASTUM, Healthy aur taste me yum ! Estd. 2020, has been initiated with a google search of ‘Indian Healthy Snacks’ and not being available with feasible options which are tasty too. We understand how difficult it is to combine health and taste when it comes to snacking. We bring you a package of mouth-watering healthy & guilt free snacks which are made from grains, perfectly fit for your all time munching or to replace your unhealthy party snacks & evening snacks with healthy snacks evening so you don’t have to compromise on your taste and healthy lifestyle.

With ROASTUM SELECT, we have carefully picked from a range of healthy & guilt free snacks which being guilt free adds value to your daily diet, so that next time you aren’t scared when you are on a weighing scale. Pick from a variety of ROAST MAKHANA, ROASTED WHEAT PUFF, CHANA POHA, ROASTED POHA, OAT CHIPSTIX, RAGI STICKS, ROASTED POHA CHANA, ROASTED MAKHANA CHIVDA and DIET JHALMURI. Each product has a benefit of at least 1 super grain and you get a reusable jar.

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Still struggling finding healthy & guilt free snacks which satisfy both your taste buds & your gut ? Well, We got the supplies !
ROASTUM BABU is here with his range of Grain Based healthy & guilt free snacks which are made from nutriful grains like Jowar & Wheat which don’t hurt your body while satisfying your soul.


Our healthy & guilt free snacks are made from grains like Wheat, Jowar, Oats, Ragi, which contribute to the Supergrain family and add value to your gut.


A range of lip snacking flavours have been introduced in our products like cheese, masala, achari which are surely gonna make you drool.

Price Friendly

All our products share a minimal pricing which doesn’t hurt you pocket while you switch to healthy and guilt free snacks.

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When we talk about health & taste, we really mean it. Our each product is packed with a different Supergrain to provide the new gen customers with a perfect alternative to traditional snacking. There is a wide range of products, each containing a different package of health benefits and not to forget,  without compromising on your taste buds.

Health 85%
Guilt 15%
Taste 95%
Price 25%

HEALTHY & GUILT FREE SNACKS like never before..

We are very much aware with the term Snacking, but what is healthy snacking or sensible snacking? Well, to put it in simple words this is just about healthy snacks that we can easily eat in place of traditional and oily snacks like namkeen, bhujia etc.

How are we healthy? With ROASTUM, each product has been made with the goodness of healthy ingredients that provide you a full package of nutrients like protein, calcium, fibre etc. but with a twist of lip-smacking flavours which give your tastebuds a flavourful ride.

Our entire range is made from supergrains like chana, murmura, poha, makhana, ragi, oats etc. each having benefits of their own and some of them are roasted too. Our products are ready to eat, can be munched anytime, be it your evening snacks or midnight snacks, teatime snacks or party snacks; we fit right in everywhere.

Our snacks fit for all age groups from small children to elders. They are also preferred by diabetics and pregnant woman as the grains promote a healthy diet and are fit for weight loss. So, next time if you are hungry but afraid of the guilt from unhealthy snacking, we are here to make your snacking sensible and guilt-free.

In our healthy & guilt free snacks we have a range of healthy chips which come in 2 variants – Ragi chips/chipstix and Oat chips/chipstix which are a perfect replacement of Potato chips as they are made with Ragi & Oats which are a must to add in our diet and they do not absorb as much oil as the potatoes. Our Ragi Chips & Oat chips come in lip smacking flavours like Hot & Spicy, Cream n Onion.

Apart from chips, our other variants of healthy & gluten free snacks include Roasted Makhana Chivda mixture, Roasted Chana Poha Mixture and Diet Jhalmuri which are a perfect alternative to traditional namkeens. As they are roasted and made from healthy ingredients, they are low in calories and high in nutrients making each one of them an everyday snack being the best option for light hunger, diet snacks, teatime snacks, party snacks, evening snacks etc.


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