BEETROOT CHIPS (Masala Punch) – 150 g

Controls blood pressure, Rich in anti-oxidants, Supports brain health.



Roastum’s newest launch – Beetroot Chips are made from 100% real beetroot formulated in crispy crunchy and flavourful chips. Beetroot chips are better than any regular pack of chips as they are made from real beetroot mixec with black gram lentils, rice without any preservatives. Beetroot also has a lot of health benefits and is recommended by doctors & Dieticians. Some of its benefits include Better vision, Improving Blood Circulation, Rich in Anti-oxidants, improving heart health and many more, Our Beetroot Chips are Gluten-Free and 100% Vegan.


Introducing our premium range of healthy snacks, ROASTUM SELECT.
Healthy Ingredients, Gluten Free, Non greasy
Always looking for something to munch is a part of human nature but are you comfortable compromising your health & gut with all the traditional snacking options which are fried & contain Maida? Of course NOT!
With ROASTUM SELECT, we have carefully picked from a range of SUPER GRAINS which adds value to your daily diet and health, so that next time you aren’t scared when you are on a weighing scale. Pick from a variety of OAT CHIPSTIX, RAGI CHIPSTIX, QUINOA CHIPSTIX, SOYA CHIPSTIX, ROASTED POHA CHANA, ROASTED MAKHANA CHIVDA, DIET JHALMURI, ROASTED . Each product has a benefit of at least 1 super grain and you get a reusable jar.

Other lip smacking variants include :-


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