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MAKHANA CHIPS (Very Peri Peri)


MAKHANA CHIPS (Very Peri Peri) – 150 g

Gluten Free, Keeps bones healthy, Anti-oxidant rich.

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Bored of munching roasted makhanas but don’t want to miss out on its miraculous benefits? We are here with our Makhana Chips! Yes, you read it right. Chips made from Makhanas. These Makhana Chips are made from real makhana flour combined with black gram lentil flour & rice flour without any preservatives so you get nothing to feel guilty about. Our Makhana Chips are max on crunch & crisp along with tempting peri-peri flavour. Makhanas are a great snacking alternative as they are rich in anti-oxidants and also contain a ton of other benefits including rich amounts of fibre and protein, anti-ageing components, skin enhancing benefits. Makhanas are also gluten-free and 100% vegan.

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Healthy Ingredients, Gluten Free, Non greasy
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